About Tru Square

Welcome to Tru Square!

The idea of Tru-Square was developed by Studer Racing in 2010. I often found myself squaring our sprint car rear end myself. One evening, when every time I would set one side of the rear end in place the other side would move out of square. Then when I got it where I wanted it, I bumped the car and had to start all over. I knew there had to be a better way. I first thought all I needed was something to hold the rear end in place. Then I realized I needed something that was adjustable that could move the rear end in place mechanically and precisely. Then hold it there until the job was complete. I fabricated a set of tools that I used few times with great results. Later, a friend was rebuilding a car and I let him use the tool. He loved the tool and had to have a set. Tru-Square was born.

After months of development and several changes the Original Tru-Square went on sale in 2011. This was followed by the Pro Tru-Square in 2012.